Experience the true demonstration of Truffle hunting in the magical regoins of Croatia (Istria), Serbia (Srem), Italy(Tuscany) and Bosnia the natural habitat of truffles. These regions are among the best and renown truffle regions in the world.

You will be guided by an experienced local truffle hunter, who speaks English and Italian
During the truffle hunt in the forest, you will be shown how truffles are found with the help of experienced truffle dogs.

Our guides will reveal some of the well-kept secrets of truffle hunting, and how best to use them at home in your kitchen. Don’t miss a truly authentic and fun experience with the best truffle hunters in Europe and cooking with chefs that are specialized in preparing truffles.

Our 5-year plan is to have our own resorts located in the heart of the Istria and Srem region. Guests will enjoy an experience with trained Lagotto Romagnolo dogs foraging for one of three types of black truffles found near the hotel: winter, hooked, and summer. At the end of the experience, a four-course lunch or dinner will be prepared using the hunted truffles which can be paired with wines selected by the sommelier.